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Executive Committee

The officers of MEAM, together with the immediate past president and two members elected at large constitutes an Executive Committee of seven members. The Executive Committee has power to employ counsel on behalf of MEAM to represent it from time to time or for such purposes as it may deem for the best interest of the Association. Further, it may expend annually for such purposes a sum not exceeding five thousand dollars ($ 5,000), unless otherwise authorized by a two-thirds vote of the Active Members of the Association present and voting, or represented by proxy, at a regular meeting of the Association. The Executive Committee is empowered to pay the Secretary-Treasurer a reasonable amount for administrative services.

Legislative/Regulatory Committee

The Legislative/Regulatory Committee is responsible for:

Legislative - all State legislative matters relating to existing and proposed legislation affecting or of interest to Members. Duties of the Committee include, but are not limited to, soliciting suggestions from the Members for proposed new legislation, acting as liaison between the Members and the Association’s legislative agent or consultant, developing and implementing strategies promoting the Association’s legislation, and monitoring and acting upon all other legislative matters that may impact Municipal Light Plants.

Regulatory – all State regulatory activities propagated by State agencies affecting or of interest to Members. Duties of the Committee include but are not limited to: monitoring by any reasonable means proposed new or changes to existing regulations; acting as liaison between the Members and the Association’s regulatory agent or consultant; developing and implementing strategies dealing with proposed regulations; and monitoring and acting upon all other regulatory matters that may impact the Municipal Light Plants.

The Committee makes reports to the Members at every general membership meeting.

Current members of the committee as of 3/6/2024 are:

Michael Cloutier, Middleton, Chair

David Schofield, Georgetown

Peter Dion, Wakefield

Jon Fitch, West Boylston

Panos Tokadjian, Hull

Brian Choquette, Hudson

William Bottiggi, Braintree

Christopher Roy, Shrewsbury

James Lavelle, Holyoke

Kat Roy, M.M.W.E.C

Vin Ragucci, E.N.E.

Energy/Customer Service Committee

The Energy Services/Communications Committee meets regularly to share and monitor information about energy and customer service issues, as well as public communications, and offer suggestions in these respective areas when appropriate. Further, the committee researches, and submits to the Executive Committee, new programs and services designed to enhance the value and efficiencies of Members in their respective communities. The Committee makes periodic reports to the Members.

Learn more about their programs >>

Engineering Committee

The Engineering Committee meets regularly for the exchange of ideas, review of engineering data, and the establishment of standards and procedures for the benefit of Members.

Special-Purpose Committees

Special Purpose Committees are established from time to time, at the direction of the Executive Committee, and/or the request of the Members. The purpose, milestones, goals and budget of a special-purpose committee are clear and well
defined. The need for a special-purpose committee is reviewed periodically, but no less than annually.

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